Code of conduct

This code covers all financial members, committee members, instructors and their guests with Titahi Bay Canine Obedience Club. It is also expected that those using our clubgrounds will adhere to the same policy. 

Our Mission

​To provide a range of dog obedience training, dog sports and events, and to promote active, healthy and well-mannered dogs in the community.

General conduct

  • Be a positive and courteous member of the club.
  • Ensure that your behaviour supports the brand and good reputation of the Club, avoiding any behaviour that would bring the club into disrepute.
  • Be thoughtful and attentive to all dogs when coming into or leaving the grounds; and always allow them plenty of space.
  • Avoid touching a dog without asking the handler/owner.
  • You must be a full member of the club, before joining a class.
  • Your dogs must always be on a lead, unless otherwise told to by an instructor. Working off-lead should always be under the supervision of a club instructor.

health and hygiene

  • Vaccinations – you must provide proof of your dog’s vaccination on or before the first night of class.
  • Do not bring dogs that are unwell, or bitches in season, into the clubgrounds.
  • Ensure that your dog goes to the toilet before coming into the clubgrounds, carry poo-bags for clean up and ensure that full poo-bags are disposed of in the appropriate bin, or taken home.

training and equipment

  • Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before the beginning of a class and let your instructor know if you will be late or absent.
  • Your dog must have a properly fitted collar and suitable lead. Choke/semi-choke/slip chains (other than martingales), metal leads or retractable leads are not allowed. Harnesses, Gentle Leaders and Halties may be used.
  • Be attentive to your instructor, follow their instructions and requests, and be considerate to others in the class.

Junior handlers, families and visitors

Under 14 years

  • If people want a child younger than 14 to be responsible for the dog, both adult and child must attend. The adult will be the main handler, until approved otherwise by the instructor. This will be on a case-by-case basis.

14-16 years

  • Junior handlers aged 14-16 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Parents must ensure that children meet the requirements of this code of conduct.
  • A dog should be handled by one owner at a time.
  • Observers and visitors should wait calmly at the side of the training area, taking care to come and go quietly.


  • Misconduct shall include, but not be limited to, abusive and foul language, hostility or harassment to fellow Club or committee members, any visitors, sponsors, hosts, or spectators of Club activities and/or other external dog obedience events. Misconduct will not be tolerated in person, or by writing, email, or other electronic means.
  • Misconduct shall also include inhumane treatment of a dog, demonstration of poor sportsmanship and/or other behaviour that may result in an unfavourable opinion of the Club or the recreational activity of Dog Obedience.
  • Alledged incidents of misconduct will be dealt with under the Club’s Dispute Resolution Process.
Titahi Bay Canine Obedience Club Code of Conduct. Updated 6 October 2023.