Frequently Asked Questions 

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Which class should I enrol in?

This depends on what you have done so far and your interests. Our Quick Reference Chart will give you all the answers.

How do I enrol?

Sign up to be a member with our club. 

Wait until enrolments are open: see dates here.

Login to our website and visit the enrolment page .

I'm on the enrolment page, but can't see any classes...

There are a few reasons why you may not see classes appear:

    • Enrolments may be closed: classes will only be visible on the enrolment page when our enrolments are OPEN (see our Important Dates page for enrolment dates).
    • Classes are only available to view once you have paid your membership.
    • Did you remember to log in?
    • Maybe your page content is out-of-date - try refreshing your webpage.
How can I waitlist for a class?

If a class has sold out, you can waitlist for a place:

  • Once you become a member, login and go to the page for the class you wish to waitlist for.
  • Choose the class day and time from the dropdown menu.
  • You will see a box pop up - if your details are correct, click Join Waitlist.
When are your classes?

Classes are run on Monday and Tuesday nights.

All our term dates can be found here.

A full schedule of the current term can be found here.

Where are your classes?

During terms 1 and 4 we train outside at our club grounds in Ngatioa Domain, Mana. During terms 2 and 3 some of our classes are held in a covered venue. You will be advised of the training location when you enrol for your class.

See our Contact page for details of our venues.

How much are your classes?

 Our classes are $60 per term. You must be a member to enrol and membership is currently $40 per 12 months.

Your class fee covers 7 weeks of training (plus graduation in week 8 for domestic classes).

How old does my puppy need to be to join your puppy classes?

If your dog is between 12 wks-6 months and it has been 2 or more weeks since their 2nd vaccination, Puppy Class is the one for you. Click here to find out more. 

I have done a puppy class somewhere else, do I still have to do one with TBCOC?

If your puppy is still under 6 months old we recommend you join our Puppy Class. If not, start with Domestic 1 or Introduction to Competition Obedience.

Can I have two dogs in one class?

We don't recommend having two (or more) dogs from a household in the same class as they can be a distraction to each other and inhibit your training.

However, we do understand that sometimes it's tricky to get to two different classes (sometimes we run two at the same time, check the class schedule) so you CAN have more than one dog in each class, but each dog must have its own handler, and each handler must be a registered club member.

    I have done Obedience training with another club or trainer, can I start in Dom 2? Or CGC? Or Rally-O?

    You will need a good standard of basic Obedience. Please contact us to discuss which class you should be in: [email protected]

    Can my child handle our dog in class?
    A child has to be 14 years old to have full charge of a dog at one of our training classes.
    For people that want a younger child to be responsible for their dog's training, the best way is for both adult and child to attend classes; the adult will be the main handler and once they understand what to do the child can do the work at home.
    At all times the adult is responsible for their child's behaviour in class.
    Can I bring friends or family members to class?

    Yes! Other members of your 'pack' are welcome to come to your classes, but we do ask that only one of you is training your dog at a time (you can swap during class if you like) so that your dog doesn't get confused.

    It is very important that everyone in your household is training your dog in the same way, so make sure that all the family know about what you are learning in class.

    What shall I bring to class?

    See our list of What To Bring. Your instructor will tell you if you need to bring anything additional.

    My dog has behavioural issues, can I come to your classes?

    At TBCOC we specialise in Obedience Training and our trainers are not qualified behaviour specialists. If your dog needs behavioural support before they can safely be around other dogs or humans, we recommend consulting a professional dog trainer such as Ace Dog Training, AGrade Animals, or your nearest vet behaviourist.

    Can I attend your classes if I don't live in Porirua?

    Yes. We currently accept any students who are happy to travel to our training grounds.

    My bitch is on heat - what should I expect?

    There is plenty of information on the internet as to what to expect while your bitch is on heat, for example this article from Hills.

    Unfortunately, you won't be able to bring your dog to training while they're in heat as their change in hormones can cause an aggressive reaction from male dogs.

    In terms of classes, we will support you to continue your training while your dog is unable to attend - we can give you homework and provide phone and email support, and of course you can continue to come to class without your dog.

    I have booked the wrong class, how do I change it?

    Contact our class coordinator: [email protected].

    How do I get a refund?

    Have a look at our Refund Policy. Please be aware that every refund costs the club a processing fee and we are a not for profit, so try to avoid it if possible.

    What is your privacy policy?

    Click here to see our Privacy Policy.