Past events

We're 50 years young!
To celebrate all the hard work and successes our club has had through the last 50 years we thought we'd have a special Obedience Show. It was a fantastic weekend, with great comradery and some outstanding Obedience performances. Our life members gathered round and we all enjoyed a stunning cake made especially for the occasion.

Huge thanks to all the team involved (with Sherrie at the helm) for yet another successful show. And massive thanks to our show sponsors Nature's Ki who managed to provide us with some generous Orijen and Acana prizes, despite NZ's shipping turmoil!

2019 Doggie Christmas Party

A brilliant sunny day for our Christmas Party year!  And so much fun in the water and games and running and playing and eating...

St Francis Xavier School Gala

We paid a visit to St Francis Xavier School Gala where our dogs gave out lots of cuddles and showed-off their excellent Obedience and Rally-O skills. A very enjoyable day for all involved.

2018 Dog Christmas Party

Our annual Dog Christmas Party - a barbecue for the humans, and fancy dress and party games for the dogs - including the toughest challenge of all: carry the sausage!


A fun day out for TBCOC members around whitby's walkways. Plenty of long grass to romp in and new smells to enjoy.

Annual dog obedience Show 2017

TBCOC's annual Dog Obedience show at the Dogs NZ training centre in Elsdon, Porirua.