Term Dates

Our training is held on Monday and Tuesday nights.
Directions to our training venues can be found on our Contact page.

Term 1

Online enrolment: 13-19 Jan

Puppy info nights: 23, 25 Jan

Classes start: 31 Jan, 1 Feb

Graduation: 28, 29 Mar

Location: TBCOC Clubgrounds

Please note: there may be no class 7,8 February due to Waitangi Day observance ​​(please check with your instructor).

Term 2

Online enrolment: 6-13 April

Puppy info nights: 25-27 April

Classes start: 2-4 May

Graduation: 27-29 Jun

Location: Kākāriki Stables (some classes will still be held at TBCOC Clubgrounds)

Please note: there may be no class 6-8 June due to Queen's Birthday ​(please check with your instructor).

Term 3

Online enrolment: 6-13 Jul

Puppy info nights: 18-20 Jul

Classes start: 25-27 Jul

Graduation: 12-14 Sep

Location: Kākāriki Stables (some classes will still be held at TBCOC Clubgrounds)

Term 4

Online enrolment: 21-28 Sep

Puppy info nights: 3, 4 Oct

Classes start: 10, 11 Oct

Graduation: 5, 6 Dec

Location: TBCOC Clubgrounds

Please note: there may be no class 24/25 October due to Labour Day observance ​(please check with your instructor).

Membership and enrolment


Become a Member

Is your membership up-to-date?
Membership is compulsory for all class members.

Club membership is $40 per 12 months.
Register for the first time and pay for membership:


Log in and pay your membership:


Enrol in classes

Once you have paid your membership, you can enrol in our training classes.
Classes are $60 per term for 7 weeks training (plus graduation in week 8 for domestic classes).

Note: enrolment is only open for a short period before each term begins. See Term Dates for details. 


What To Bring to class

  •  On the first night of class please bring proof of your dog's council registration (collar tag or receipt of payment) and of the dog's current vaccination.
  • Bring lots of small, delicious, soft treats for your dog (such as cheese or skinless sausage) that can be eaten quickly without the dog choking on them - excited dogs often forget to chew! Possyum is a great choice and is available with the dog roll at your supermarket. Aim for small pieces - treat quantity is more important to your dog than treat size.
  • Ensure that you have a treat pouch to treat from – one that attaches around your waist or clips onto a belt.
  • We recommend you do not give your dog a full dinner before class. They will work harder for their treats, and they will not have to do exercise on a full stomach which can cause medical problems.
  • Make sure you are wearing suitable clothing for training - clothing you don't mind getting a little dirty, and closed-toe shoes.
  • A tug or toy for your dog (NOT squeaky please as this distracts other peoples' dogs).
  • A suitable leash and collar- NO Choker chains or retractable leads. You should only be able to fit two fingers inside a correctly fitted collar.
  • Poo bags for cleaning up after your dog.

A good positive attitude!